Month: June 2020

Are Republicans and Democrats really all the same? Is Joe Biden no better than Donald Trump?

A couple days ago my daughter, 22, a Filipina singer who’s starting to get more seriously involved in politics here, asked me “What do I say to someone when I’m having to explain why Trump and his supporters are a piece of sh*t and they just say “Joe Biden isn’t any better”?” I said “That’s gonna take some links.” I wrote this for her. It’s still a draft.

The problem with Republicans is they’re basically lacking empathy for others. They’re heartless. I can list off a lot of examples – now, many of these things won’t affect a healthy 22-year old naturalized US citizen directly, but they will affect them.

1. This is pride month. Republicans encourage hatred of LGBTQ. They look the other way when gay people are harassed, abused, discriminated against or even murdered. They definitely don’t wanna allow gay marriage. So, if you’re not LGBTQ, maybe that doesn’t affect you but how many people have zero friends or relatives who are LGBTQ?

2. Republicans are anti-women. They’re definitely trying to turn back the legal case that made a woman’s right to choose (abortion) the law of the land. Now, you may not want to ever have to choose an abortion but is that a choice you want a group of old grey men in robes to decide or is that something each individual woman should have a right to decide for herself?

2a. Republicans don’t value women in the workplace, and don’t want to see laws that make equal pay, they wanna stop that. They think it’s ok for a corporation to pay women 50,60,70,80% of what a man would get to do the same job.

3. Republicans won’t admit it but they’re racist. Just yesterday Trump said “MAGA Loves the Blacks” which really means “MAGA is not the blacks, MAGA is the whites” Republicans are overwhelmingly a white party, and they’re slowly losing power as the percentages of whites in this country gets smaller. They’re more scared of losing that power so they cheat more, and use extreme measures to protect their power, but the fact is that people of color tend to be more liberal.

3a. When I say “cheat more” I mean they use dirty procedural rules to prohibit people from voting, to purge voter lists, especially democrats and people of color, to discourage people or make it hard for people to vote (that’s why republicans vote by mail but don’t want democrats to be able to do that) and Gerrymandering congressional districts to give Republicans a majority in Congress even though, nationwide, they get less votes than democrats. Gerrymandering is tricky, I’ll send a link about it. Democrats are trying to end gerrymandering, or at least take the process away from politicians and give it to a neutral commission. Republicans can’t exist without partisan Gerrymandering.

4. Democrats are trying to get everyone in the country covered for healthcare, like it’s a human right. Republicans want corporations to keep ripping us off – Republicans don’t want any corporations to be regulated and healthcare is a great example of why that’s heartless. Many Hospitals and all drug companies are corporations. Even though the taxpayer’s money is used to support development of a new drug, when the drug is approved the price is sky-high, competition to make and sell the drug is legally limited, and the profits don’t go to pay back the taxpayers who invested in supporting the development of the drug. The profits are PRIVATIZED – the executives of the drug company use OUR money to make a drug and then KEEP THE PROFITS for themselves. We’re being ripped off. Republicans love it. Now, maybe you don’t need any special medications today, but you probably know someone who’s struggling to pay their bills because their medicine is so expensive.

5. Capitalism is the idea of a free marketplace where people with products or services can sell them and make money – lots of it, potentially, UNLIMITED amounts of it. Republicans believe in absolutely NO regulation of this marketplace – if your product is bad or injures people, Republicans don’t want you to be able to sue the manufacturer. Republicans believe the marketplace is a free-for-all and if you use immoral or unethical behavior to gain an advantage, even a MONOPOLY in the marketplace, that’s ok with them. They LIKE Monopolies, the big corporations who have virtual monopolies contribute to Republicans, (and some Democrats, too) who then owe those corporations favors, favors in the form of passing laws which help keep the big corporations in control of their monopoly.

5a. Therefore, “unbridled unregulated capitalism is as evil as the Taliban”. Democrats believe in a well-regulated marketplace where monopolies are broken up and there’s more competition. Imagine someone with a great invention, a battery that can be recharged a million times without ever losing its original capacity. They need to bring that product to the marketplace, but a big oil company is threatened by that, so they’re going to buy the rights to the patent and then bury the product where it will never see the light of day, and that way the oil company can sell more oil for longer. Republicans think that’s fine.

6. Speaking of oil, Republicans love it, and that’s why they deny climate science. Democrats, not so much. A Green New Deal, where millions of new jobs are created by switching away from oil and natural gas and using renewable sources of energy, democrats want it, Republicans don’t. If humanity is threatened by global climate changes brought on by the use of fossil fuels, Republicans don’t care, because it threatens their lazy old ways of making their money and keeping them in power. They’re heartless and have no vision for the future of mankind.

7. Immigration. Republicans are Xenophobes. They’re afraid of outsiders. It used to be Democrats were, too, it’s perhaps a natural tendency but Democrats tend to make progress and believe in evolution more than conservative Republicans who don’t believe in science, including evolution. The current Republican administration is very anti-immigrant. Loli won’t be able to come here because Trump’s senior adviser Stephen Miller is a racist who hates brown people. He’s the one who’s creating the policies of extreme deportation, ripping families apart, keeping kids in cages, etc. Trump loves this guy. They hate “the other”. Fact is, America is made up of all immigrants. Even the native American tribes didn’t just sprout up here, they came from somewhere else, thousands of years ago.

7a. Immigration is a huge part of what makes America great. We need more of it, not less of it. Open borders? Maybe not, but definitely we need to increase immigration, not restrict it like Trump is doing. The innocent kids of parents who came here illegally many years ago? Why should we deport them? They know no other country than ours. Republicans don’t care, they want them outta here.

SUMMARY: Many of these issues are transparent to the average 20-something who’s healthy and not an immigrant, who’s not getting paid enough whether she’s a woman or a man, who doesn’t know what opportunities she didn’t get because of the color of her skin, or the way she loves someone. Someone who was born a white male citizen. We take a lot for granted and so, without thinking too long on it, it can look like both Democrats and Republicans are same-same. Nothing could be further from the truth.